Tactile Turn

It just feels right.


Tactile Turn Double Edge Razor

The Tactile Turn DE Razor is the perfect solution to keep clutter off of your bathroom sink or vanity. Most of us have too much stuff next to the sink, and it's hard to keep everything clean and uncluttered. This razor has a magnet in the handle that allows it to attach to our magnetic wall mount.



The magnetic wall mount features 3M adhesive that allows you to attach it to any flat surface. The tactile and auditory sounds and feeling of the razor detaching and attaching give a satisfying sensation whenever you use the razor.

Tactile Turn Razor-3.jpg


All head parts are our own design that we get made using Metal Injection Molding. This extremely accurate process allows for the use of amazing materials and extremely consistent results. All razor parts are made from 316L, the most corrosion resistant of all stainless steel alloys.

Tactile Turn Razor-9.jpg


Each Tactile Turn DE razor comes with a travel case so you can easily pack it along with you every time you hit the road!