Tactile Turn

It just feels right.

The Tactile Turn Mover & Shaker are custom machined click pens made from the highest quality materials available and offers some beautiful finishes. 

The new materials - brass, copper, bronze, and titanium are ONLY ON KICKSTARTER

These pens were made for the person that wants a premium pen with no fuss. My previous designs with magnets were certainly unique, but when I am on the go I wanted something that was just a click away from writing. I wanted to continue the same design philosophy by keeping simple solutions done well. 

  • Custom lay pattern for grip to ensure comfortable writing position
  • Body made from 7075 Aluminum, 360 Brass, 145 Copper, 954 Bronze, and Grade 2 Titanium
  • Clip made from 301 Spring Steel 
  • Click mechanism that won't annoy the hell out of your friends and coworkers (it is nearly silent)
  • More of the back section is drilled out to make balance spot on.

The Mover Specs:

The Shaker Specs: