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Tactile Turn is a small machine shop and design studio created by Will Hodges. It started in the spring of 2012 and has grown to be a turning house where Will designs, prototypes, and creates production runs of premium consumer products. The shop centers around three lathes - a Sharp 1118H Toolroom lathe to compliment the Kia KIT30B "gang style" CNC lathe, and a brand new DMG Mori NLX1500SY CNC lathe with pretty much every bell and whistle possible. These machines are nothing short of awesome and embody the kind of precision necessary for the detail work that Tactile Turn creates. Quality machinery and the knowledge to get the best from it with amazing tooling sets Tactile Turn apart from the competition.



Will Hodges



705 N. Bowser Rd. Suite 105

Richardson, Tx 75081

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